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Devanagari Font Problem (मराठी बरोबर दिसत नाही?)

Why is this page in English rather than in मराठी (Marathi)

As you are seeking the answer to a font_problem, chances are that you do not have a working devanagari installation. So this article is in English to be readable.

Now the article,

If you are using Windows XP operating system with Internet Explorer brower, you are most probably already seeing the Marathi text on this site very well.

Encoding Problem?

If you are seeing the webpage like this:

Wrong Encoding

then you most definitely have the Devanagari Encoding problem. Your browser is simply not using the correct character encoding to display the webpage. This can be simply fixed with change the character encoding of the browser you are using to make it Unicode (UTF-8). Here are the two menu options to fix the browser character encoding in FireFox

Firefox - Fix Character Encoding

and Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer - Correct Character Encoding

Wierd Devanagari Display on Firefox?

If you see Marathi Devanagari on Internet Explorer alright but see it broken like this

Firefox Devanagari without INDIC Support

on Firefox browser, be aware that this problem can be fixed by installing Complex Script support on your windows operating system. The Internet Explorer by default uses the "Uniscribe" Engine which is not available to the entire operating system installation. All you need to do is install the Complex Indic Script support on your machine and you would be able to see smooth marathi everywhere on Windows platform, not just the Internet Explorer.

Here are simple instructions to enable the Complex Indic Script support on Windows XP platform:

These instructions are applicable to Windows XP Operating System. Similar options can be found to enable the Complex Indic Script support on other flavors of Windows Operating System.

  1. Locate Regional and Language Options setting in the Control Panel:

    Regional And Language Options in Control Panel

  2. After launching the "Regional and Language Options" link from the Control Panel, select the Language tab. Enable the option "Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages".

    Enable Complex Script Support

  3. You may be asked to insert the Windows Installation CD to complete the installation.

Insert your windows installation CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive and let the system install the needed files from the disk. The setting screen will ask you to reboot the machine. You should see Devanagari rendered very well all over the Windows Operating System once you have restarted the machine.

Further Windows Devanagari Help:

This BhashaIndia website has more information about use of Marathi on Windows Operating System.

Here are some useful links for further information on setting up the operating system and browser for displaying Devanagari webpages correctly including Linux: